Police Clearance Certificate Certificates from South Africa

Also known as:

• Certificate of Good Conduct.

• Criminal Record Check.

• Police Record Check.

• SAPS Clearance.

• Certificate of Good Standing.

• Fingerprint Clearance

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Frequently asked Questions


1. What does expungement of a criminal record mean?

Expungement of a Criminal record means that the record of the criminal record is sealed and removed from the public records. For all practical purposes the offence can be handled as if it never happened. Legally you do not have to declare the offence unless asked.

2. Under which circumstances can a criminal record be expunged ?

 • Ten (10) Years has lapsed after the date of the conviction for that offence.

 • If The person has not been convicted of any other offence and sentenced to a period of imprisonment  without the option of a fine during those 10 years.

 • If the fine imposed did not exceed R 20,000

 • Was not convicted of a sexual offence against a child or a person who is mentally disabled,and whose name is not  included in the National Register for Sex Offenders.

 • Was not found unsuitable to work with children by a criminal court and my name is not Included in the    National Child Protection Register.

 • Was convicted on the base of race

 • He or she was convicted of a offence which would not be regarded as a offence in a open and   democratic society based on   human dignity equality and freedom under the democratic constitutional   dispensation.

3. Process to Expunge a Criminal Record.

 • Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate so that the offence details and date can be established.

 • Complete the relevant application for expungement of a criminal record.

 • Send the application for expungement to the Director General : Justice and Constitutional Development.

 • If the Director - General is satisfied that a person meets the requirements set out in the Act he or she  will issue a certificate     of expungement directing that the convictions and sentences be expunged.

 • A certificate of expungement will be issued to the Criminal Record Centre of the South African Police  Service.

 • The Head of the Criminal Record Centre will inform the applicant in writing that his convictions and  sentences has been expunged.

• Apply for a Police Clearance Certificate that will be issued without the convictions and sentences.

4 Documents Needed to Assist in applying for Expungement of Convictions and Sentences.

 • Two sets of fingerprints ( First one to obtain a initial police Clearance Certificate to establish offences    and the second to obtain a final Police Clearance Certificate on the end of the process)

 • Application form for expungement

•  Authorisation for us to lodge application on your behalf.

5. Processing Time - Indication

• Initial police Clearance Certificate    8 weeks

• Department of Justice                   24weeks

• Criminal Record centre                   6 Weeks

• Final Police Clearance                    4 Weeks

6. Process.

 6.1. Follow procedure to obtain police Clearance ( Obtain 2 sets of fingerprints) and apply for police Clearance.

 6.2. Download and Complete Expungement Application ( Download Here)

 6.3. Courier expungement application with application for Police Clearance to us.

 6.4. We will lodge application for police Clearance.

 6.5. On receipt of police Clearance we will lodge application for expungement at the Department of justice.

 6.6. We will supply you with a proof of lodge and contact details.

 6.7 You follow up with Department of justice.

 6.8 On notification of expungement we will apply for a final police clearance which will show your record cleared.