Police Clearance Certificate Certificates from South Africa

Also known as:

• Certificate of Good Conduct.

• Criminal Record Check.

• Police Record Check.

• SAPS Clearance.

• Certificate of Good Standing.

• Fingerprint Clearance

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Frequently asked Questions


Frequently asked Questions

What is the cost for a Police Clearance Certificate and how is payment effected?

 • The fee is R 636 per certificate which include  the R 96 fingerprint processing fee.

 • Second copy of Police Clearance Certificate R 296.

 • The full fee is payable on invoice within 48 hours from invoice. The courier fee can be paid on  completion.

 • Courier fees are R 150 for delivery in South Africa and R 625 for any destination out of South Africa. Courier fees can be paid on completion.

 • Payments from outside of South Africa carries Forex fees of R 260 per payment.

 • Above fees are free of bank charges - with other words forex fees are for the clients account.

 • On receipt of the invoice we will email your invoice with the banking details and payment options.

 • Payment options in South Africa are via EFT or Cash payment into our bank account.

 • Payment options from abroad are EFT into our bank account, money gram or pay pal.

How long does it take to obtain a police clearance Certificate through us?

 • Between 15 and 20 working days and if you have a prior conviction it can take 30 working days     and longer.

 • We cannot expedite Police Clearance certificates.

Can a Police Clearance certificate be Legalised by /Apostilled/Authenticated?

 Yes a Police Clearance Certificate can be Legalised by Apostille, Authentication  and/or certification by the relevant embassy. For more details see Apostille.

What is a South African Police Clearance Certificate?

  A Police Clearance Certificate is A certificate issued by the Criminal Record Centre of the South African Police Services which is a record of a individuals convictions. If the individual has no criminal conviction it will state the fact. If the individual does have a criminal record it will state the fact with a addendum of the convictions.

  A Police Clearance Certificate is known by different names in different countries and can be known as Police Clearance Certificate, Police Clearance, Criminal Record, Arrest Record, Criminal Record, Certificate of Good Conduct etc. Judicial record extracts, rap sheet, arrest record etc.

What happens when GMTM Consultants receive the application for a Police Clearance Certificate?

 • On receipt of the application for a Police Clearance Certificate we will lodge the application with the Criminal Record Centre of the South African Police Service in Pretoria.

 • Our offices are 15 minutes away from the Criminal Record Centre and we visit the CRC on a  daily basis to lodge, collect and follow up on the issue of Police Clearance Certificates.


How is the original issued  certificate delivered?

 • We courier the issued Police Clearance Certificate to any destination in and out of South Africa

 • You can get the Police Clearance legalised by Apostille and or Certification at the Embassy.

Can a Criminal Record be removed or Expunged?

 Yes a Criminal record can be removed or expunged under certain circumstances for example.

 • A fine of not more than R 20000 must have been a option.

 • No jail term must have been done.

 • No sexual offence.

  Please go to Expunge mint for more details.

Who needs a Police Clearance Certificate?

There is no hard and fast rule but the following can be taken as a guideline

 for a person 16 years and older who wants to immigrate, work or study in a

foreign country you and your dependants may have to provide police certificates.  

Visa offices may also request certificates from students and foreign workers.

 • Wants to Emigrate.

 • Wants permanent residency.

 • Wants a work permit.

 • Certain Visa applications.

 • Certain types of occupations

Usually you must obtain Police Clearance Certificates from countries you visited for more than 6 consecutive months at a time.

How long is a Police Clearance Certificate valid for?

Again there is not a set rule but as a standard in the industry a maximum of 12 months.

Some countries and organisations wants the police clearance certificates not to be older than 3 months. A re-issue can be obtained within six months of the original certificate being issued.

Can a Police Clearance be re-printed?

Yes a Police Clearance Certificate can be re-printed within six months of the original issue.

What information will there be recorded on a South African Police Clearance Certificate?

The following information is usually recorded.

 • Criminal judgements

 • Outstanding traffic fines are not recorded.

 • Judgements for Debt is not recorded.

In what language is a South African Police Clearance Certificate issued.?

Certificates are issued in English but can be translated into any language by a translator registered at the High Court. This translated certificate can then be legalised and used as if it is the original.

Can a Temporary Police Clearance be issued?

No a temporary certificate cannot be issued.

What happens when your fingerprints arrive at the Criminal Record Centre of the South African Police Service?

1. We hand in your application at the CRC direct in Pretoria (Over counter)

 •Payment id done or proof of payment is handed in.

 • Application is checked for errors.

 2. Your application is recorded and a receipt issued.

3. The application is recorded on the system ( +/- 3 working days).

4. Your fingerprints are scanned and runs against the national data basis of criminal offences (+/- 10 working days).

5. If no criminal offence was found a certificate is issued (+/- 3 working days).

6. If a criminal offence was recorded the issue can be delayed for up to 6 weeks.

What is the Criminal Record Centre Client Services Responsible for?

No, this component does not have data processing systems that can pinpoint criminals as if by magic. If you are under that impression, you have been watching too many Hollywood-produced police series where all the necessary info seems to pop out at the mere press of a computer key. What this component can do, however, is offer invaluable support to investigating officers. This component also handles civilian-related duties such as issuing Clearance Certificates for South Africans who want to emigrate or work overseas.

Note from GMTM Consultants : If you look at the lead times for Police Clearance Certificates from the USA - the SAPS CRC does very well!!